Tab notifier for Firefox

Tab notifier for Firefox has been released.
This extension shows a desktop notification when the title of a tab changes while the tab is not focused.
Here’s some features of this extension that are not yet available in the chrome version:

  • You can manage the list of web sites to block. Update (21/12/2011): added this feature to tab notifier for chrome as well
  • You can block a web site just with one click when the first notification appears.

You can install it from the Mozilla Add-ons web site.

10 thoughts on “Tab notifier for Firefox”

  1. I check your extension works fine as you say, but it’s unseful for me. I need a checker for some sites (gmail, greader, reddit, facebook and my timeline twitter) but I need it checks always not only when I’ve the tab open.

    I think the extension will rock if you fix the tabs, but I’m not confortable in these way. Anyways your extensions works fine on firefox.

  2. The extension is useful if it only shows notification when titles contain experions like (#), [#],…
    I would rather have option to get notification if titles changed and are matched with a user-defined regular expression

    Right now even if a site refresh itself after a few minutes I get notification
    For Gmail condition is even worse. When you get a new chat, the notification pops up constantly since title is changing from Inbox to chat message

    2. The notification should disappear after a user-defined time
    3. Sound alert for notification is also helpful

    1. I’ll start to work on some of the features in my TODO list in few days:
      My understanding is that most of the people use it with Facebook and Gmail but I want to keep it general so the simplest way I can think is to allow the users to add a site to a white-list by means of the context menu (that’s clicking on a page of the site with the right button).
      As for the Gmail chat, if you click on “Close” the notification should stop appearing at once or after the extension detects that the title changes cyclically (at most after three further changes). If you don’t experience this I may ask you to help me to reproduce the problem with the chat.

  3. Some site has a default or some other title,that are no need to notifier

    It will be better to provider title black-list,when the title are changed with the black-list’s title ,not to notifier

  4. Hi,

    I have translated Tab notifier (for Firefox) into Swedish (sv-SE), and need an e-mail address to send the files to. You can contact me at the address I provided when writing this comment.

    Best regards,

    Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
    (Lakrits @ the translator hub

  5. Hello,

    I was wondering how you can control which sites (for the tabs you have open) you get notifications for? i would like to be able to see a list on what sites get notification and what sites do not! And then decide if i want to change these setting or not.

    thank you,


    1. Hi. You already can do it adding an exception. Right click on a web page and select “Configure tab notifier for site” or click the ignore icon when a notification appears. You can later on manage these exceptions by the extension preferences.

      1. Nice idea. I have just implemented customizable skins . So I do follow suggestions of users‚ but sometimes after months…

  6. Hi, how do I stop the box appearing for my seedbox? there is no options when I right click relating to tab notifier!

  7. hi, your addon is very useful, can you add to this some sound? beep? that will be very useful ;]

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